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J. W. White musings about the meeting of his mother and father, to Larry Dixon 2009

Mother and Daddy met at Pine Grove Church. They probably married there where their earthly bodies lay. Mother was probably with a singing group from Mays Crossroads Methodist Church. She was real good at playing an organ and had a voice that was great. The only time I heard daddy sing was with mother and they were good together. While living on Tom Cat Road, I had a large horse, Frosty. Got her when I was 8 or 9. Was friendly as a puppy dog. you probably rode her sometime. The last one, Dan, that we had about 2 years, was on the wild side. Then we bought a tractor. We had a dark green 53 Chevrolet truck, then a 55 Plymouth with an ivory top and peach interior. In 59, I bought my first love, a 50 Ford coupe. During the Depression (1930), W.P.A. would not hire daddy because he was a farmer. He broke the handle out of their tools and peed off the Court House steps. They said he was drinking. Mack Garrett, the sheriff, took him home. Daddy was full of jokes and fun. Everyone liked him. Mother saw the good in everything and ever one. Will send more later.

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