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J.W. White to Larry Dixon on his Grandparents William Macon Lane and Joella Johnson

Mother's dad Macon Lane was gone a lot. Have been told that he was a Lumberjack. That fits the meeting of him and Grandmother Lane. Grandmother Johnson-Lane was from Piedmont, Ala. Location at the foot of the mountains. In the V of the Jacksonville and Gadsden highways I have visited one of her cousins at that location. Dad said she had more there but I never met them. so--- , back to the first sentence. they fended for their selves a lot. Mother and her brother Bill Lane would hunt for meat. Out of bullets, they would throw rocks. Mother could knock a squirrel out of a tree with a rock. I have seen her in her 40s throw rocks and out shoot Daddy. Daddy could kill a rabbit with a rock so they had a lot in common. Dad pitched for a local ball team as a young man. Mother made top grades in school.  Daddy did too, but only went to the 5th grade.

Melvin was living with some one and working as a farm hand. Was drafted. In his early teens, Daddy left home and went to work on the same farm. When I think of their name, will send it. Then he was drafted.  Ausie had pneumonia during training. On his way to the ship to WW 1, peace was declared. The train was stopped in Little Rock, Ark. Many solders (not Daddy) were so mad the were not going to get to fight, they tore up everything on train and the things around the station.

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