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WILLIAM WHITE the Elder (brother of Aldolphus) and More Whites in the Georgia Census

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The elder William White  b. 1820, Brother of Adolphus White

The elder William White -- the uncle of the 1844 William White -- was born 1820 in South Carolina. He married Elizabeth Avery on 31 Aug 1837. Four days earlier (27 Aug) Elizabeth White -- perhaps a sister -- married Bratton J. Hand. By 1850, perhaps as early as 1841, while still living in  Carroll County, Georgia where the Whites first lighted, his partner was Mary and continued to be through 1880 while in Paulding County. I find no record of the marriage to Mary or of her last name. 

To try to discover who, besides my subject the 1844 William White, was marrying all the women, I looked at the son of the elder William, William White, Jr. No, he was born 1859-1860 and was living at home in Paulding County and was only 6 and far too young to be confused with his cousin (the subject of this Web site). Then it is the subject  William White (1844), or an undiscovered man of the same name, who married Lucinda C. Brazille in 1866. I am open to the idea that it was not our subject William White who married  Lucinda Brazille in 1866, but I find no others to fill in.

William White married Elizabeth Avery 31 Aug 1837 in Carroll County, Georgia.
"Georgia Marriages, 1808-1967," database, FamilySearch ( : accessed 8 May 2016), William White and Elisabeth Avery, 31 Aug 1837; citing , Carroll, Georgia; FHL microfilm 341,902.

Various Whites in the Area, Including Our Own

1840 Census

Georgia, Carroll, District 713, p. 48
William White, Sr. 0001200010000  00000001
1 male 60-70 (b. 1771-1780), 1 female 50-60 (b. 1781-1790), 2 males 20-30 (b. 1811-1820), 1 male 15-20 (b. 1821-1825).

District 713 p. 48
David White, 30-40, 1 F. 30-40, 2 F 5-10.

District 713, p. 49
Richard White, 50-60 (b.1781-1790), 1 F 50-60 (b.1781-1790), 1 M 10-15 (b.1826-1830), 2 M  15-20 (b.1821-1825), 1 M 20-30 (b.1811-1820),  1 F  10-15 (b. 1826-30). No slaves.

District 754, p. 55

Obediah White 30-40, 1 F 20-30,   2 M  5-10. No slaves.

Dist. 653, p. 66.
James M. White 60-70 (b. 1771-1780), 1 F 40-50 (b. 1791-1800), 1 M under 5 (b.1836-40), 1 M 5-10 (b.1831-1835), 2 M  15-20 (b.1821-1825), 1M 20-30 (b.1811-1820).

1850 Census

United States Census, 1850, Georgia, Carroll County, p. 74 family #1034, eleventh division, 24 Oct, 1850.

Wm. White is a miner. Age 30, b. 1820, South Carolina. Cannot read and write.
Mary, 26, F, Georgia
Allen, 8, M, Georgia
Sophronia, 7, F, Georgia
Asa, 5, M, Georgia
Johathan, 3, M, Georgia
Augustus, 6/12, M, South Carolina
L. Jones, 27, M, Laborer, Georgia} married within the year, cannot read and write.
Frances, 25, F, Georgia               }  "

1850, Carroll County, p. 77, family #1069

B.F. White, M 31 (b. 1819), miner, $100, b. SC
Eliza, F 24, b. Georgia
Benjm. M 5, b. Georgia
Wm., M 6/12, b. Georgia

Another White, 1850, Carroll County, Georgia, p. 19A, family #236.

Carter White, M W 50, farmer, $800 real estate, b. SC
Martha White, F W 46, b. Virginia
Betsy White, F W 25, b. Georgia
Jas. White, M W 22, laborer, b. Georgia
Wm. White, M W 21, b. Georgia
Eppey White, M W 7, b. Georgia
Lucinda White, F W 12, b. Georgia
Russel (or Rupel) White, M W 7, b. Georgia

Westley White, 1850, Carroll County, Georgia, the Eleventh Division, p. 43   family #568

Westley White, M 33, laborer, SC
Elizabeth White, F 29, SC
Wm White, M 10, Georgia T(win)
Daniel White, M 10, Georgia T(win)
Sarah White, F 8, Georgia
Mary White, F 6, Georgia
Elizabeth, F 4, Georgia
Jno. White, M 2, Georgia

Georgia, Carroll, Eleventh Division, p. 48, family #646

Jas. M. White, M 21, farmer, $75, b. Georgia
Caroline White, F 23, b. Georgia
Wm. M. White, M 1, b. Georgia

In household of Thomas (56, b. NC) and Mary (49, b. Ga.) Snow:
Jesse White, M 73 b. 1777 Va. fam #1369, p. 98.

Carroll County, 1850, Family 623, p. 47a
Wm. White, 70 (b. 1780), M, farmer, $250, b. Va.
Elizabeth, 65 (b. 1785), F, b. Ga.
John, 12, M, b. Ga.

same page 47a
Richd. White 30 M farmer, $350, Georgia
Charity, 30, F b. Ga.
Marian 7 Ala.
Jas. 3 Ga.
Nancy 2 Ga.
Frank White, 3/12, Ga.
Mary, 5, Ga.

1850, carroll county, #269 p. 22a
Obediah White, 45, M, farmer, $1200,  b. 1805, Ga. 
Jemimah, 40, F, b. 1810, Ga.
Jno. R., 18, M, Ga.
Clarke F., 15, M, Ga.

Eleventh Division, p. 48, family #623

Wm. White, M 70, farmer, $250, b. Virginia
Elizabeth White, F 65, b. Georgia
John White, M 12, b. Georgia

1850, Paulding Co., Ga. Militia District 839
Nancy White, wid. Age 53, b. SC, Real estate valued at $200.
Asa White, age 18, M , labor, born Georgia

Note: Nancy White lived with William White the elder in 1880 in Paulding County. She was 87, her birth year was 1793.  She was listed as the mother of William White. In 1850 -- the listing above -- her youngest son Asa White, b. 1832 in Ga., was living with her. Therefore it is proven that Nancy White, b. SC, was the mother of the Carroll/Paulding/Polk County Whites. Her maiden name is unknown by this author and her husband is also unknown.

1860 Census, Wm White (two versions of the census consulted)

United States Census, 1860, Georgia, Paulding County, 1207th District, p. 160 (

Wm White, M, W, 40 (b. 1820), South Carolina. Land $600, property $200.
Mary White, F, W, 36, Georgia
Allen White, M, W, 19, Georgia
Sophronia White, F, W, 16, Georgia
Asa White, M, W, 14, Georgia
Jonathan White, M, W, 11, Georgia
Adolphus White, M, W, 10, Georgia
Martha White, F, W, 6, Georgia
Amanda White, F, W, 4, Georgia
Mary White, F, W, 2, Georgia
Elizabeth Renfro, F, W, 75, Georgia [implies that William's wife is Mary Renfro of Georgia.]

United States Census, 1860, Georgia, Paulding County, District 1207, Dallas P.O. family #1127, p. 160/868.
Wm White, 40, M, farmer, $600, $200, b. SC
Mary White, 36, F, b. Georgia
Allen White, 19, M, farm laborer, b Georgia
Sophrona White, 16, F, b. Georgia
Asa White, 14, M, b. Georgia
Jonathan White, 11, M, b. Georgia
Adolphus White, 10, M, b. Georgia
Martha White, 6, F, b. Georgia
Amanda White, 4, F, b. Georgia
Mary White, 2, F, b. Georgia
Elizabeth Renfro, 75, F, b. Georgia

1870 Census

United States Census, 1870, Georgia, Paulding County, Burnt Hickory and Eutaw District.
Enumerated 25 July, 1870. P. 148a, family #206. (Frame 27 of 28 at

White William, 50, M, W, Farmer $600/100, entire family shown innacurately as "born Georgia"
Mary, 45, F, W, Keeping house
Martha, 15, F, W
Amanda, 14, F, W
Mary, 17, F, W
William, 10, M, W

1880 Census

1880 Census, Georgia, Paulding County, Eutah District, p. 407B. (

William White, M, W, 60, (b. 1820), South Carolina, farmer, head, mother and father born SC.
Mary White, F, W, 56, Georgia, wife. Father born Virginia. Mother born Virginia
Amanda White, F, W, 21, Georgia, daughter.
William White, M, W, 20, Georgia, son.
Nancy White, F, W, 87, South Carolina, mother. Her father born Virginia. Mother born Virginia.

NANCY WHITE PROOF: NANCY WHITE is listed as the mother of William White (and therefore of his brothers and sisters). Nancy White was also shown in the 1850 census (this page, above).

Wild Geese

1870 census, Georgia, Hall County, Wilsons district. P. 231
William White, W, M, age 50, b. 1819-1820 South Carolina
Permelia White, F, 39, born Georgia
8 children 2 to 22. Includes William A. White, 20 (b. 1860), Georgia.
1870: William White is a citizen. He is blind. His right to vote has been abridged on other grounds than rebellion or other crime.

United States Census, 1870, Georgia, Wilkes County, Rock Spring Post Office. p. 45

William A. White, W, M, age 48 (b. 1822), South Carolina
Elizer J. White, F, W, 45, South Carolina
7 children 5 to 21, includes William C. White, 15, b. Georgia.

J. W. White of Texarkana
1924 Oct 24
- A death certificate for J(ames) W. White was issued in Texarkana, Bowie, Texas. He was married and he was born in Georgia. The informant gave his father's name as William White. It was not, the name was Reuben H. White.  His mother's name was Mary Brazell. That kept me very busy. But both the Whites and the Braziles were from Cobb County, Georgia. THEY MARRIED IN PAULDING COUNTY apparently while passing through.

"Texas Deaths, 1890-1976," database with images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 7 May 2016), J W White, 24 Oct 1924; citing certificate number 31367, State Registrar Office, Austin; FHL microfilm 2,113,704.

A good tree online is by BartMarable , called the "Marable, Nida, White, and Merlan Family History Site." His genealogy takes James W. T. White from his birth in Georgia, through his youth in Arkansas, death of his father Reuben H. White 1863 in Louisiana and of his mother in 1872, and his own death in Texarkana. The Braziles and the Whites were from Cobb County, Georgia, and J. W. White's parents Ruben H. White and Mary Ann Brazile, who married in Paulding County may have been passing through.