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J. W. White on his Father, William Ausie White Read

Daddy's Dad farmed and went from church to church singing. I think he was looking for a better life in California. He must have worked because all of the younger kids that went there ended up well off. Mother and daddy got off the train in Little Rock, Ark. and came back to Ala.  The only thing I heard about the trip was, some man tried to buy Theoria from them. Probably thought, if people were like that out there, they did not want to live around them. Also, Daddy had spent most of his life all over Cherokee Co Ala. He seemed to know and like all of them, black and white.  A black man saved Daddy's life twice. Will tell about it later. Ever one I met,  knew and liked him. He entertain people by telling jokes. Ever time they would tell me some of the jokes that he would tell.   The things you remembered were great. Brought back memories.   There were a lot of good times and some bad. My mind erased the bad ones.  Do you know about the vein in the White's neck that blocks some of the blood flow to the brain? Daddy had it and your mother. The Dr is keeping a watch on mine.  The first symptom is a head ache and the top of the head is sore  to the touch. Will write more later.   The book is a good idea. J.W. White (2009)

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