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The Extras Folder that exists on the White DVD is not included on the Web site.

If you or your family appear on this site in a photograph, and you want it removed, please e-mail the author at ke3y at comcast dot net, identifying the photo or photos. If you want to ADD  or CORRECT material I would also like to hear from you.

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The author invites corrections and new family history -- anything that makes the story more accurate and interesting. I would be glad to add family histories on living relatives (and their families) born before 1975 if relatives will write them and send them to me with photos or links. Provide only what you want to appear to the world (or request the page be protected with a password). I will also link to your own Web page if requested.

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This project began as a DVD sent to family in 2008. It is only on the Web now. The latest revision date is
21 October 2017
Compiled by Travis Hardin (grandson of William Ausie White)
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   Personal Note and What's New

You may want to further research the family and share your findings. This writer's participation is ending soon.

If you have an interest in preserving, adding to, and improving our knowledge of this family, contact me and I'll work with you to transfer the material to you. You must keep a Web site or publish a book or books or maybe you can use some new technology.